SharePoint Solutions

SharePoint Solutions

CORE has a strong pool of SharePoint experts who have multiple years of experience in installing, configuring, developing and customizing solutions that use Windows SharePoint Services and Microsoft™ Office SharePoint Server 2007.

Our technology expert group can provide you top-notch solutions on SharePoint as they have implemented wide variety of MOSS solutions using best of Microsoft™ technologies and Office 2007 customization.

Here at CORE, you will get complete solutions for all your SharePoint technology related problems. Its experienced Microsoft™ certified software architects and developers offer broad range of SharePoint services.

About SharePoint

Microsoft™ Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) provides a unique and integrated framework for building customized Web-based applications and portals in Windows Server environments. It enables users to create shared workspaces, applications, blogs, wikis and other documents accessible through a Web browser. The free version, Windows SharePoint Server (WSS), is available as a free download included with every Windows Server license.

MOSS builds on WSS and adds extra features, both to the principal WSS layer as well as additional ways for the end-user to interact with the repository. The data resides in a SQL Database. It then presents this information to the user using a wide range of applications such as Collaboration, Document management, Records Management, Workflow, and Personalization, as well as Blogs and Wikis from the Web2.0 side.

MOSS is also very useful to any business that has to work together with its employees through documents or e-mail, printed or voice communication. All this information is located in a single space and it allows for information gathering and updates without any major hassles. SharePoint can be installed easily on a server and can replace other free software available on the system.

Many organizations have started using MOSS as a content management system (CMS) because of the integration with other Microsoft™ products such as Microsoft™ Office, Word, and Excel etc. Users can log on to Web portals to edit and create shared documents. These portals are ASP.NET applications that are hosted on a server and use a SQL Server database. MOSS allows users to create or modify a document with the help of its Web browser-based management and administration tools.