.NET Solutions

.NET Solutions

The.NET team at CORE has extensive experience developing and delivering comprehensive solutions employing the full capability of the .NET functionality. Our certified and experienced software architects will ensure that your solutions are developed only after initial consultations, to not only understand your unique requirements but also to help you effectively leverage on our proven expertise.

About .NET

A framework that facilitates the building of rich applications, .NET helps provide an assortment of services to people unrestricted by time, place or device. Microsoft’s™ powerful and robust software development technology, creating visually stunning user experiences, managing seamless and secure communication channels and building business process models can be achieved creatively through .NET. Offering a host of comprehensive and intuitive .NET based solutions, the CORE .NET expertise encompasses.


A server-side technology, ASP.NET utilizes Common Language Runtime (CLR). Appropriate for rapidly creating the user interfaces of all your high performance web applications, its event-driven programming model ensures that development of even complex Web applications becomes simple and easier to maintain.


Apt for creating a wide range of web, mobile, Windows and office applications, VB.NET intrinsically takes advantage of the .NET Framework base classes and runtime environment. Comprising of power-packed features that drastically simplify application development processes, it is also the most widely used framework for application development.


Developed to rectify the flaws of the disconnected data access models that existed earlier, ADO.NET was built to effectively meet the different database access requirements of different applications. By utilizing XML and converting all the data into an XML format for database related operations, this framework of .NET makes information access more efficient and simpler as possible.


Designed to facilitate rapid development, C# is utilized for building complex business objects to basic system-level applications. A framework that allows components to be converted into XML Web services, C# is suitable for writing applications for both hosted as well as embedded systems, making it the best choice for building a wide range of software components, be it large critical services to the very smallest of dedicated functions.