Java Solutions

Java Solutions

Recognized for our expertise in Java development, the Java team at CORE provides consulting as well as custom development services with full support covering every stage of the project. Equipped to execute the entire gamut of Java based development, our highly experienced and professional software developers and engineers can help you reap great benefits through cost-effective Java application development services that can enable you to achieve enhanced scalability with relative ease.

The CORE Java™ expertise includes:

About Java™:

Widely accepted as a “complete software environment”, Java™ technology addresses the specific needs of a wide-spectrum of users through a choice of platforms. Facilitating the creation of business logic applications that are independent of their application server or portal server vendor, Java™ is widely chosen for its varied choice, performance, efficiency, versatility and portability. Object-oriented and platform-independent, the three main technological values of Java™ technology lies in the fact that it provides:

Editions of Java™ technology

For Wireless, Mobile, and Embedded Devices:

Java™ ME – A comprehensive mobile application building platform, Java™ Micro Edition (Java™ ME) aids in the development of flexible and minute applications that are essential for mobile and other embedded devices to function.

Java™ Card Technology – Aiding developers to build, test, and install applications quickly and securely, Java™ Card Technology enables small applications to run on smart cards and other devices with limited memory and processing capacity.

For Desktops and Servers:

Java™ SE – Java™ SE or Java™ Standard Edition comprises of two principal software products, namely Java™ SE Runtime Environment (JRE), Java™ SE Development Kit (JDK). A platform that provides multiple tools and APIs that can be utilized in the creation of server applications, desktop applications and even applets, programs developed using Java™ SE can be run on almost all operating systems, be it Macintosh, Windows, Linux or Solaris.

For Medium to Large Businesses:

Java™ EE – Considered particularly valuable to growing business with ever evolving business needs, the Enterprise Edition of the Java™ Platform is based on the foundation framework of Java™ SE. Acknowledged as the standard for employing enterprise-class service-oriented architecture (SOA) and next-generation web applications, Java™ EE applies across practically all industries, business processes and application types.Formerly known as Java™ 2 Platform, Enterprise Editions or J2EE, it is now referred to as Java™ Platform, Enterprise Edition or Java™ EE.

JSP (Java™ Server Page) – JSP was developed by Sun Microsystems to help developers create dynamically generated web pages. It is a server side java technology since the JSP pages are compiled on the server rather on than on a web browser. It uses XML-like tags that encapsulate the logic that generates the content for the page. By separating the page logic from its design and display and supporting a reusable component-based design, JSP technology makes it faster and easier than ever to build Web-based applications.