Business Intelligence Services

Business Intelligence Services

Extensive, proven and relevant, CORE's BI expertise is industry-specific and needs-based. Offering a relatively wide-spectrum of solutions, our BI specialists can streamline your organizational information and enable it flow unhindered across structured channels. By effectively implementing an information transformation and management approach that can simplify your operations, the CORE BI strategy helps you gain a greater competitive advantage by ensuring the information becomes a regular component of your daily operations. Get in touch with our specialists today for strengthening and structuring your business information.

About Business Intelligence

A collection of processes, tools, applications and methodologies that simplify the access and retrieval of information, Business Intelligence (BI) helps a business gain better perspective by structuring information channels. Independent of the technology platform, BI methodologies enable the gathering, analysis and access to critical data, thereby helping a business gain comprehensive knowledge about factors that intrinsically relate to its operations and processes.

The five key stages of Business Intelligence are:

1. Data Sourcing. This stage involves the extraction of data or information from various sources such as text documents, databases, images, media files and web pages and others.

2. Data Breakdown/Analysis. Here the collected data will be organized and separated through data mining, text understanding and image analysis techniques.

3. Situation Awareness/Comprehension. This stage involves the connecting and sorting out of useful facts and implications and filtering of irrelevant information.

4. Risk Assessment/Management. This stage predominantly involves the identification, needs analysis and the suitable course of action based on probabilities of risk and reward.

5. Outcome Support. In the last and final stage is where semi-interactive software will be utilized to identify the consequence of decisions, strategies, necessary evolvement and prognosis.

Cognos BI

Cognos BI offers an organization the complete package of business intelligence features in one single product. It features a unified array of performance management applications that supports the full range of business requirements—from simple static reporting to real-time, dynamic enterprise analytics—and delivering immediate feedback to drive better decision making at all levels of the business.

Cognos allows organizations to go beyond traditional reporting structures and have the ability to access data that provides business insight, not only for your executives and managers, but for all of your employees. Cognos provides various tools such as reporting, analysis, score carding or dashboards, to help an organization make better business decisions.

Oracle™ BI Suite

Oracle™ BI Suite is the most comprehensive business intelligence (BI) platform available today, addressing the full spectrum of business intelligence needs, including interactive dashboards, full ad hoc queries, proactive intelligence and alerts, enterprise and financial reporting, real-time predictive intelligence, disconnected analytics, and more. Oracle™ BI is designed for pervasive use, with new levels of usability and reach to empower the broadest audiences with complete and timely insight.

Business Objects

Business Objects is an integrated set of software products that collectively provide business user access to information from a wide variety of data sources.

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