Custom Application Development Services

Our Approach

Offering an assortment of end-to-end application solutions, CORE’s Application Services address various business goals efficiently. Through solutions that can better align your IT goals; our solutions are sure to maximize returns on your application investments. Because, we help you change the way you do business.

Ensuring that you make the most of your application environment, our solutions constantly let you leverage on our unique capabilities:

Estimation and Review – This service ensures that your current applications environment meets your growing needs effectively. With application review that pays careful attention to risks involved in transformations, change management, limitations, your unique environment and requirements, we make recommendations that are going to address all your needs.

Complete Life-Cycle Services– We offer a wide-array of options that addresses your full requirements of application development. From requirements analysis, design, development to complete project management, testing and deployment we undertake the entire life-cycle of application development that promise greater time to market.

Faster Solutions & Delivery – Focused on delivering solutions faster our application consulting, development, management and modernization services offer greater value through efficient delivery process. With swift customizable options that will be built to meet your exact needs transforming your application environment can never get easier than this.

Application Management Services

From custom solutions to standard maintenance techniques, we can help you cut costs and meet rapidly changing business priorities with our extensive experience in maintaining organizational applications.

Providing you with better flexibility, scalability and seamless integration options, our suite of management services are built to help you achieve a competitive advantage in the market place and drive down your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) in the shortest span of time.

Rapid Application Development

A perfect solution that provides you with a prototype of the actual finished product, RAD furnishes you with a feather light version of what you are looking to develop. Open for refinement and fine-tuning later this also serves as a proof of concept. An apt response to long-drawn product development that can eat into your preset budgets, RAD helps to save you a lot of time and efforts by employing object-oriented programming methodologies that inherently promote software re-use.

Application Re-engineering

A challenging task that has to be carried out at the appropriate time Application Re-engineering requires a thoroughly professional approach as it involves a set of bottlenecks. Thus from increasing the speed, facilitating better usability, upgrading to another technical platform to the creation of a better and more user-friendly solution for your business we can help you make the transition quite effortlessly. By following a phased and structured process that covers the entire life cycle of the application we ensure that risks are minimized and process effectiveness are fine-tuned through better operations.

Maintenance Services

Facilitating your existing software applications to meet new challenges and needs, our maintenance services have been designed to help you meet your business goals day-after-day. Be it enhancements, modifications or production support services we offer cost-effective and flexible options that allows you to choose the level of support your budget and unique requirements.

Legacy Applications

We undertake a whole gamut of upgrade services that can modernize your existing technology—a process that typically undergoes various iterations before completion. By helping you take full advantage of evolving web platforms, our experts can assure you a successful migration that is sure to enhance your productivity in a cost-effective way, while retaining the essential features. Our solution can be custom made based on your needs, including but not limited to new feature additions, streamlining functions and options in your existing legacy application, upgrading your legacy application to a newer technology, maintenance, and database migration. Simply put, our solutions encompass the complete life-cycle of migration and web-enabling.

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